Connemara Seafoods is Ireland's leading cultivator and producer of fresh, frozen, pasteurised and organic seafood products for retail and food service customers on the international market. 

In addition to our own cultivated shellfish we source the very best raw material from fishermen and aquaculture farmers on the islands and the coastal communities of Connemara and around Ireland. Our partnership with our customers and suppliers is based on a commitment to unrivalled customer service, top quality products and long term partnership. 

Connemara offers a range of fresh, chilled pasteurised, cooked frozen products, Shellfish Ready Meals, Mussels, Crab, Crab Claws, Clams, Razor Clams, Winkles, Whelks, Cockles, Oysters and Lobsters.  We operate a fully integrated Quality Management System which has allowed us to achieve several best in class food production accreditations  -  BRC Higher accreditation, Irish Quality Seafood Program, ECO label, Organic standard - all of which are independently audited.

Products Live Pasteurised/Chilled Cooked/Frozen Organic Comment
Mussels x x x x Include Sauce Variety and ICF
Periwinkles/Whelk x x x

Whelk frozen only

Oysters x x Include gigas and edulis
Clams/Razors x Include Silqua and Ensis
Crustacean x x x Crab, Lobster, Lobster = fresh & frozen